Cost for Classes

Our new gym offers more training area for gymnasts, separate studio space, as well as a larger viewing area for parents and visitors. The brand new construction will enable us to provide wifi for our customers, ample parking, special events and a creative curriculum. All of this is offered with continued effort to keep our vision of affordable, quality gymnastics instruction at the forefront of all decisions.

-All 45 minute classes:  Guided Gym Buddies, Gym Buddies and Tots 
   $145/session, $80/summer session

-All 1 hour classes:  Girls & Boys Basics, Intermediate, Fit Games & Tumbling

  $150.00/session, $85/summer session

-All 90 minute classes:  Advanced & Trampoline and Tumbling

  $220.00/session, $120/summer session

-Two 90 minute classes and Training Track for Basic & Intermediate students:
  $330.00/session, $180/summer session